samba 2.2

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Mon Jan 22 09:28:25 GMT 2001

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Peter Milburn wrote:

> Has anyone had any success in using 2.2 alpha ? I am configuring as per the
> doco from, On the windows 2000 machine, when trying to join the
> domain, I get the following error.
> Your computer could not join the domain becuase of the following error:
> 		The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of
> credentials

Yes, people succeded.
Your error is common (and seen also under NT4).
The errror means that before joining the domain you have made a connection
to the domain controller (browsed/mapped a share ....).
Reboot your windows machine just before joining and after the boot
immediately join the domain without connecting anywhere.
After you joined, you may connect where you want.

hope this helps,

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