Joining the domain - help

Venkat Murty vmurty at
Sun Jan 21 01:10:41 GMT 2001

CVS Branch: SAMBA_2_2 (today afternoon).

When i am trying to join/add a w2k machine (SHIV) to a Samba PDC (PDC), a linux m/c.
I get the following error:

  The following error occured attempting to join the domain NET
  The account used is a computer account. Use a global user account
  or a local user account to access this server.

This is what I did on the w2k m/c:
Network and Dialup Connections ->Advanced -> Network Identification -> Properties:
Selected Domain and entered domain name NET. When promted for the user name
& password, entered
     username: root
     password: root password in the unix machine.

When I expand "Entire Network" I am able to see the domain NET and the server PDC.
When expanded further it asks for username & password. If i enter 
    username: root
    password: root' password
I am able to see the shares on my Linux (PDC) box, root's home directory
and tmp directory.

I am following the instructions in "The samba 2.2 PDC HowTo" &
"The Samba 2.2 PDC FAQ".

I have created a machine account:
  # adduser -g machines -c "Machine" -d /dev/null -n SHIV$
  # smbpasswd -a -m SHIV$

Added the root user using smbpasswd

  # smbpasswd -a root
The smb.conf is the  almost the same as the smb.conf.default with
the PDC as the master (local & domain master = yes & os level = 64) and the
following line:

   domain admin group = @root

i.e. adding root (belonging to the group root) to admin group.

What am i doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

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