Problems with profiles

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Fri Jan 19 18:17:41 GMT 2001


I have finally found out why I got the errors I couldn't load a profile: 
I didn't have a correct 'ntuser.dat' in the directory of the user in the profiles share.

Here's my next problem - and my last (I hope...):

With NT Policy Editor, I can set the path of the Desktop, Start Menu, etc.

These dirs are all set as subdirectories of %USERPROFILE%. However, my system is using some local directory! All other settings from the ntconfig.pol file are used properly.

Some other things that don't work, but don't cause any problems, are these: using the /HOME mapping doesn't work and the users' full name seems to be "<Full name>". 

Maybe this is caused by some bug in my own MySQL module?


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