NT4 Workstations failing to connect to the samba pdc FIX !

peterc peterc at brosystems.com
Fri Jan 19 16:14:30 GMT 2001

	This is a fix for anyone else that might come across the above problem. I
did get some 	help / suggestions from some of the people on this list (thank
you all that tried to 	help me). Here is the final fix to my problem.

	situation was (to recap...)

	1) Get the latest samba code and buildit as standard

	2) Read the the PDC howto and follow it to the letter !

	3) create the machine in the /etc/passwd & smbpasswd files

	4) create a user in the above files

	5) join the domain all looks good so far ....

	6) try to login and get the ERROR:

      The system was unable to log you on as the account for the computer
does not
      exist or the password is wrong !) not word for word but thats the jist
of it.

      The answer:
       The account names for my Client-Computers were too long!
       I shortened them down to 5 letters and they worked. How Strange !



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