Samba/NT password problem

Yvonne Beever ybeever at
Wed Jan 17 20:00:50 GMT 2001

Sorry if this question has come up before--I've looked through the archives,
& didn't find quite the same problem. 

We are running Red Hat 6.0 on our Apache web servers, with our NT 4.0
network, using Samba so that our users can connect to the web servers
through Network neighborhood.  Every once in awhile, a random user will not
be able to access the web server through Network neighborhood. This has
happened to me twice now.  I don't recall getting this same message before,
but today I got the message "Server service is not started."  Others can
access the server thru NN, just not me. In the past, when someone has lost
access, the unix admin would have them re-enter their password in both the
passwd and smbpasswd files, and this seemed to correct the problem. Usually
this doesn't happen to the same user twice, and there doesn't seem to be any
pattern as to whom this happens. 

Thank you,

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