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Roman Manz cmanz at
Wed Jan 17 15:29:34 GMT 2001

Hi all,
I try to set up a shared samba drive for several users on NT4 clients.
What I would like to have is a file mask of 0755 and a directory mask of 1775.
Q1: Samba does not set the sticky bit, any ideas?!
Q2: When I try to change the permissions for a single file via Explorer to make it group writeable nothing happens, why?
Samba Version: 2.0.7
Here the definition:
  path = /homeX/shareit -> mask: 775
  create mode = 0755
  directory mode = 1775
  writable = yes
  guest account = guest
  valid users = guest, user1, ....
  force group = guest

Thank's in advance for a hint.
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