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If one were adding machines to a domain, one would copy the profile to
the PDC using the "User Profiles" tab in the System Control Panel
applet. I would think (but not having ever really used an NT server)
that you could do this from the existing PDC (before the move of

I hope you have backed up all the profiles ...

Outlook usually stores all it's info in <user_profile>\Application

If you start up Outlook and it doesn't find the file in that location,
it will ask you where it is. That is what I have done (moved outlook.pst
out of the profile, it's just way too big to copy over the network at
login). You can also (depending what options you installed with) choose
File->Open->Personal Folders File.


kat wrote:
> Hi again,
> Related to the fun of last night -- and the hot fixes
> with W2K -- (I will summarize later), I have a related
> minor issue.
> I thought if anyone would know, you people would. When
> the machines moved from one domain to the other, the
> profiles for lost. Most importantly, the OUTLOOK account
> info.  We only use outlook as smtp/pop, not exchange.
> Now I know all the folders are still there  for the old
> users (same username, different domain now), but where
> does MS keep it? Is there a way to bring the old mail
> back into the outlook folders?
> Also, is there a way to bring the user profiles/desktop
> back?
> thanks again,
> Kathee

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