slightly off topic, but if anyone knows...

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Migrating the profile information is a pain in the #@%, and after
following all the steps, it still didn't work well for me.  I tried to
migrate my own NTWS and have not gotten it to work.  Basically (or so
the documentation would lead you to believe), you copy the profile info
from the WS drive( usually c:\winnt\profiles\%USERNAME% ) to the
profiles dir on your SAMBA box for the same user.

I did that, and all seemed to work, until I clicked on the Start button.

Right click on desktop icon: GPF
Click Start, Click Programs: GPF
Right click "My computer" icon, click "Open" or "Explore": GPF

If I rejoin my old domain, the problem goes away...

To work around it I logged into my WS as Administrator, created a local
account for my username, and then logged in locally to the WS as myself.
That allows me access to both domains.

I intend to fdisk and reinstall my WS sometime in the future...

Good Luck,

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Microsoft has a domain migration tool as part of the resource kit... the
instructions say to use before the move.

kat wrote:

> Hi again,
> Related to the fun of last night -- and the hot fixes
> with W2K -- (I will summarize later), I have a related
> minor issue.
> I thought if anyone would know, you people would. When
> the machines moved from one domain to the other, the
> profiles for lost. Most importantly, the OUTLOOK account
> info.  We only use outlook as smtp/pop, not exchange.
> Now I know all the folders are still there  for the old
> users (same username, different domain now), but where
> does MS keep it? Is there a way to bring the old mail
> back into the outlook folders?
> Also, is there a way to bring the user profiles/desktop
> back?
> thanks again,
> Kathee

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