2.2 download / status

Paul Sanders sanders_p at univerahealthcare.org
Tue Jan 16 14:51:10 GMT 2001

>>> Buchan Milne 01/16 6:29 AM >>>

>OK, so what should we be running for winbindd support ? samba-appliance
>? samba 2.2.0aplha1 ?

We have not been able to compile winbind from HEAD or 2.2 - I have been told
that the winbind code that is in those versions is outdated and was included
only to test the overall compilation - it is not functional.  I have tried many
times and still get makefile error that kills the compile.  I hope someone is
looking into that issue since I have seen several others report this problem.

I have been using the appliance 0.5 that I compiled using current CVS of HEAD
and TNG sources [i just replaced the respective source directories and run the
appliance build script.  This is the only way i've been able to get winbind to
compile.  Any other attempt with any other version results in makefile errors.

Today i'm going to try just APPLIANCE_HEAD - I'll post the results later this

Can someone on the Team please address this issue?  It appears to me that there
is work being done on nsswitch/winbind [the CVS updates show this] but people
keep reporting the same problem with the winbind compile.  Just to clarify: has
someone on the team done a fresh compile of samba with a functioning winbind on
a fresh linux [not updating a box with a functional samba/winbind aleady

>Is it feasible to run current CVS for win2k logins,  acls (ie linux with
>posix-acl patch).

I have not looked into this but others are apparently running 2.2 for win2k
[with some minor problems...] and acl support is coming along.  Other are better
able to answer this one...

Paul Sanders

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