Windows 2000 joining 2.2.alpha1

kat kathee at
Tue Jan 16 06:52:35 GMT 2001

Well, I answered my question --- *sigh*  got 3 other
W2K machines in the domain to join... Thanks to our
friends at M$ -- HOTFIXES!!!!! *argh* -- do NOT install
them!!  This was the only machine with 3 security hofixes
installed and it was the only one which refused to join.

I backed them out, and it now works... Hmm, I have been here 
since 7am this morning... 1:52 am the next morning now..
What a fun day.  Hmm... I wonder if I can bill M$...


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Try creating machine account with UPPER CASE
( W2KTEST$ - for example)
I am using RH7.0 , samba 2.2.alpha1-snapshot , 2K -Pro with SP1
It works for me!

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