Customed Start Menus for Win9X users

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> Hi all.  I have a school network with a samba server acting as PDC etc,
> but I would like users in different groups to receive different start
> menus.  Is this at all possible, if so how?

Mark -

The solution may depend on whether you wish to control just the functions of
the Start Menu (such as disabling the run command), or whether you also wish
to control exactly what folders and applications appear.

If it's simply to help make the Start Menu secure, you can handle many
issues by just using System Policies.  There's a wonderful book out from
O'Reilly entitled "Windows System Policy Editor" that will help you to
understand the abilities and limits of System Policies, and books such as
"SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours" or "Special Edition: Using Samba"
will help you to understand how to implement them on a Samba server.

If you wish to customize the folders and programs based on the user logon,
you'll need to use Roaming Profiles.  This is a little bit more work in
support and maintenance, but there's a lot of neat stuff (!!!) you can
customize in addition to the Start Menu.  I would suggest the same books as
mentioned above for info on this approach.

It's not too difficult to do either, but I think you'll want to read up on
"System Policies" and "Roaming Profiles" to see which is more appropriate
for you.  Then you'll have questions specific to what you want to do as
you're working to implement them.

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