samba and nt, nt box vs. pdc change machine passwords ?

Jens Schwepe js at
Mon Jan 15 16:54:38 GMT 2001


i've successively set up a network with 10 nt boxes and 2 samba servers.
first is file server, second is pdc and login server with the
machine/user passwords file.

to minimize admin work i've made a snapshot of every client's hard disk
partition with ( dd if=/dev/hda1 | gzip -c --best > client.disk.gz ) to
the file-server, which is read back to the client's disk every night.
Thus feigning the nt boxes would be freshly installed every morning :-)

cool thing i guess, but every now and then one or more of the
server-side stored machine passwords seem to change, resulting in users
not able to login on that particular machine anymore ( --> nt box says
something like "machine not member of domain").

could it be that during normal login/logoff work the nt boxes and the
pdc internally change/modify the machine's password ???

thnx in advance

Jens Schwepe
js at

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