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Adam Read read_a at univerahealthcare.org
Mon Jan 15 13:23:29 GMT 2001

The best way to describe this is to say: in the smb.conf you put a line: winbind
gid = 10000-20000  These are the groups ID's that winbind can use when
automatically adding them to your linux box.  If you need more info, check the
winbind whitepaper at www.samba.org, or the winbind man page.

Of course, getting winbind and getting it to work is another story.  CVS of
HEAD nor 2.2 work, and I had to grab it by making it from the TNG CVS(Please fix
this, its a make problem).

Good Luck,

>>> dennis 01/14 10:04 PM >>>
>I can, by only giving it that GID space

Space ?

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> Yep, we are using winbind, but have found that it does not like too many
> nor spaces inthese groups(sometimes). I can, by only giving it that GID
> get 58 groups.  If I give it more space, like 10000-20000, I get a
> fault on 'getent group'.  The users will show fine.  YMMV, so Good Luck,
and if
> you find a solution or if the CVS of 2.2 gets corrected(ie: can 'make
> I will very happy.
> Thanks,
> Adam
> >>> dennis 01/14 8:33 PM >>>
> Hi all...
> Is anyone using winbind for NT dom authing ?
> Or has everyone settled on something else ?
> Dennis

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