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Adam Read read_a at univerahealthcare.org
Mon Jan 15 02:55:16 GMT 2001

Yep, we are using winbind, but have found that it does not like too many groups,
nor spaces inthese groups(sometimes). I can, by only giving it that GID space,
get 58 groups.  If I give it more space, like 10000-20000, I get a segmentation
fault on 'getent group'.  The users will show fine.  YMMV, so Good Luck, and if
you find a solution or if the CVS of 2.2 gets corrected(ie: can 'make nsswitch')
I will very happy.

>>> dennis 01/14 8:33 PM >>>
Hi all...

Is anyone using winbind for NT dom authing ?
Or has everyone settled on something else ?


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