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Stephen Langasek vorlon at
Sun Jan 14 21:49:24 GMT 2001

Hi Jim,

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, Jim Morris wrote:

> SL> ... modulo the use of inter-domain trust relationships.  With trust
> SL> relationships, each PDC would be able to authenticate users for all of the
> SL> trusted domains.

> Well, I guess I'm confused as to how to make that happen in an NT PDC
> environment.  I know with Samba, I could have several Samba servers,
> with all of them set to use the same logon server.  However, how do I
> logon from an NT workstation using one domain, and gain access to
> another domains resources?  Typically in NT, when you browse a share
> on a domain that you did not logon to, you are prompted for the
> username and password for that share - not the domain.

> I am guessing that you can administer relationships between the PDC
> and multiple domains using the NT server manager or user manager for
> domains?  Guess I need to crank up VMWare, and play with my "virtual"
> install of NT Server 4.0....

Honestly, I've never worked with inter-domain relationships between NT
servers, so I couldn't tell you how to go about setting it up on your PDC;
but by all accounts, if you need to share resources between multiple NT
domains, this is the way to do it.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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