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Sun Jan 14 15:52:40 GMT 2001

Hello Sam,

Sunday, January 14, 2001, 4:32:25 AM, you wrote:

SS> In using the security = server option, does the specified server have to
SS> be in the same domain?

Yes - they MUST be in the same domain.  Thats why its a "domain logon"
for Windows. If you want to logon to another domain, you have to log
out, and then log back into Windows specifying the other domain in the
domain portion of the Windows Networking logon dialog.

SS> eg Two domains, room20 & room22 on two different physical servers. Can I
SS> make all user/group authentication run off one of them?

Again, the domain authenticaion is done PER DOMAIN.  If you want all
the users to authenticate against one server, then ALL of the users
must be members of that domain.

Now, here's the question: why do the users need to be in different
domains?  If you think one server should do, then maybe you want to
just put the users all in one domain as well - would be easier.

Alternatively, you COULD run two "virtual" Samba servers on the same
system - with them acting as domain controllers for their own domains.
In such a setup, you could probably have one smbpasswd file used for
ALL users. Of course, then, they could log on to both domains  - so
never mind! ;-)

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