Input/output error

Joakim Holmbäck joakim.holmback at
Sat Jan 13 12:27:13 GMT 2001

Hi there fellas,

I have a peculiar error, when i boot my linux system i mount
a share on my win2k professional machine using smbmount
(which is included in my RH7 install). This works great and
is very reliable. However, if someone tries to access the
mounted share while the Win2k machine is down it gets an
Input/output error, and it can't list anything in the mounted
share. It is also impossible to either unmount/remount/chmod/
delete or do anything else with the mounted share.

So to the question: is there a way to reset this mounted share
somehow without actually rebooting the linux machine? If not,
is there some other program similar to the smbmount which 
doesn't have this _serious_ bug and is free? Since I'm using
the Windows2000 professional edition I am not sure if there
is a NFS server for it, but I did hear that a NFS mount had a
timeout setting which would stay clear of this bug.

System Developer

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