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Andreas Hupfau A.Hupfau at
Fri Jan 12 20:44:46 GMT 2001

hi all,

I always read about how wonderful the printer download for nt works, but I
can't get it to run ...  but I tried it now for a few times but I always
get the following error when connecting to the printers share on the pdc:

INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 30889 (2.2.0-alpha1)
  Please read the file BUGS.txt in the distribution
[2001/01/12 21:30:48, 0] lib/fault.c:fault_report(43)
[2001/01/12 21:30:48, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1139)
  PANIC: internal error
[2001/01/12 21:30:48, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(341)
  gipsy logged in as admin user (root privileges)
[2001/01/12 21:30:48, 1] smbd/ipc.c:api_fd_reply(286)
  api_fd_reply: INVALID PIPE HANDLE: 7022

and I can't see the add printer thingie (it's enabled in smb.conf ...)

I'm running the newest cvs-version of 2.2 on a suse based system with
kernel 2.2.16

btw ... w2k is running perfectly as a domain member (a few profile errors
... ) and almost any other things I wanted seem to work ...


Andreas Hupfau


IT-Concept EDV-Dienstleistungs GmbH
email:  A.Hupfau at

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