NT, 2.0.6 PDC and User Groups

Franck pwlczk at ifrance.com
Fri Jan 12 13:06:07 GMT 2001

Policies can be used to enable/disable registry access.
You may create a ntconfig.pol via poledit.exe.
To do that, you need a licensed copy of NTServer and
may install 'Server tools' on your admin Wks.

ntconfig.pol must resides on a readable samba share.
It works fine with NT (I don't use win9x).


Heiko Kaschube a écrit :

> When I log on to an NT box as a normal user, not a member of "domain
> admin group" (see parameter in global section of smb.conf), I am not
> able to change any of registry entries, not even those belonging to
> normal users.

> So how do I maintain at least one normal "domain user group"?
> Greetings, Heiko
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