Passwd problems

Graeme.Vetterlein at Graeme.Vetterlein at
Fri Jan 12 11:19:01 GMT 2001

> From: "Wood, Jeremy" <WoodJ at>
> ...
> Hello all,
> 	I am in a bit if a dilemma here.  At my company, which 
> is mostly M$
> ...
>   Most of the people that 
> check this
> server for files are barely smart enough to run windows so I 
> can't even get
> into having them SSH to the file server and fix the problem 
> themselves.  
> 	Basically my question is:  When someone changes their NT domain
> password (say thru Ctl+Alt+Del on NT), how do I automate it 
> so the smbpasswd
> on the Samba machine is also updated?
> "[quote removed because of complaints... yes really]"

Yep we have a similar set of problems^H^H^H^H^ opportunities :-) 

I opted to do it 'the other way around' set the smb.conf to use server
mode. This means the NT box acts as the source-of-authority for the passwds.
This means you don't have an smbpasswd file to worry about. It does however
have it's own set of problems, I was thinking of switching to your model :-)


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