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Thu Jan 11 21:18:27 GMT 2001

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for NT/2K, you must enable the Guest account (disabled by default) in user
manager.  Then you can use the guest user for assigning file/share
permissions, or the everyone group for this.  Remember that the everyone
group overridesothe permissions defined, and a most restricting order.  So
if you say that everyone has no acess, then everyone will have no access.

the easiest way to set this up, though not the most secure, is create a
share, assign the share permissions with only everyone < full control >, and
then set perminssions on the shared directory (and all child
object/subdirectories/files) to everyone <full control>.  From here you can
start playing with security to get the system setup the way you want.

realize that this does not allow anyone to log into the network, as those
are not guest users, but rather, this will allow users of other network
domain, or workgroups to access the share w/o having to pass new
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> I am proud to say that in this respect I know how to do something in Samba
> I can't seem to make NT do.  I want to give Guest access to a share.
> meaning someone who does not have a user account and therefore is a guest
of the
> machine.  I can do this with Samba, but have not had any luck doing it in
> Server 4.0 SP6a.  I realize that this is a little off topic but would like
> help if anyone knows how to make this happen.  I think I am doing
everything the
> way I should but would like to see how someone else is doing to reference
> approach.
> Thank you,
> Chris Tooley

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