Profiles, roaming and roving profiles

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roaming profiles are only updated on the server durring a logout process.
So you you make a change to a logged in system, then login on antoher system
you will get the same, original profile the previous machine had.  now if
you log out on both, your roaming profile will be whatever the last logout
commited to the server.  Aside from that simple fact, I have not had
problems on my system.  You might want to also look into poledit to create a
network policy file.  This policy will allow you to ensure that the profiles
are located where you want them, as well as manage other settings.

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> > so, what about storing and retreiving roaming profiles to/from samba
> > server?
> >
> > I'm using samba 2.0.7, everything works fine except roaming profiles. My
> > samba server is connected at 100Mbps ethernet, has fast UW SCSI disk,
> > etc., but it's slow to deliver profile to workstation (NT4). Logons are
> > slow as unusable, many times I can see on workstation something like
> > "Cannot load your roaming profile, trying to login with cached local
> > copy"
> >
> > I've tried to move PDC to old PC running as NT4 server (133MHz Pentium,
> > old slow IDE disk, 10Mbps ethernet), there was no problem, everything
> > works.
> > I think the problem is in my samba, could anybody help me how to
> > optimize SMB to use for profiles?
> >
> How big are the profiles ? If you have users running Outlook and IE
> (mozilla is also at fault here), and don't take specific actions to
> ensure that the profile remains small (like moving the outlook.pst to a
> local place and setting NT to ignore Temp Internet Files) profiles can
> get very large.
> Also relating to profiles, we seem to have our profiles not updating. If
> I have removed icons etc from my desktop, and then log into another
> machine, I get the old items back (even if removing them from the copy
> in the netlogon share while I am logged out).
> Also, has someone got a solution to the localized shortcuts problem
> (where shortcuts made on another machine don't work)?
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