Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2

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Thu Jan 11 20:57:11 GMT 2001

AW: Dos/win3.11 with samba 2.2Take it one step at a time.
1st. get tcp/ip working.  Make sure you can ping, and all those other fun things...
2nd get netbios name resoultion working, i.e., you should be able to do a ping hostname, and have it resolve to an ip address, w/o the host existing in dns.
3rd get non-domain functions working, such as browsing the network (net view)
4th now, setup your workgroup and domain, and try logging in with a domain user account.  all should work.  p.s., for username, you may need to specify it in the format of domain\username or domain/username
5th try browsing the servers (net view \\server)

if all steps 1-5 work, your done.  :)
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  Hi to all - Hi Patrick, 

  I´m wondering for a long time how I´m getting my DOS-Client into my Samba-PDC network. As I can read, you´ve done this successfully. Could you give me some hints?

  My Network has a Samba 2.0.7 PDC. 

  When I do manage it to work, I could also try it in my testing-enviroment (wich has a Samab 2.2.0 alpha1 PDC). 

  Thanks for your help. 


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  Hello all, 

      I was wondering if something has happened with support for dos 
  clients in samba 2.2?  I have a samba 2.2 PDC setup on my network 
  providing authentication to other samba 2.2 servers.  I have a floppy 
  setup for disk imaging which is using dos tcp/ip and win3.11 network 
  drivers to map a drive to my Linux raid machine.  When the floppy is 
  fully booted and logged onto the network I do a directory listing and no 

  files or directory's show up, even though while in the shared path on 
  the linux box there are several files/dir's there.  I checked to see if 
  the map hidden was set in the smb.conf file and it was not.  So needless 

  to say I am stumped on this one.   Also when I am in the imaging program 

  I can create a directory with the same name as the one that exits, and 
  the files in that directory will become visible, until I change to the 
  parent directory in which case the newly created directory disappears. 

  Any Ideas on this one? 


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