Samba2.2, W2000 and WindowsME

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Thu Jan 11 18:15:24 GMT 2001

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I use Windows ME at home, with samba as my PDC, and it was identical to
setting up Win9x clients.  No special case here.  It should all work
perfectly.  Make sure that, if the PDC code is working correctly, that you
have the workgroup, and domain set to the same values on your winMe
machines, and that you can browse the PDC.  if you can, then connecting to
the share should work, unless you have a security problem.

What you won't be able to do is to connect to your win2k box from your
windows Me clients, because of a bug, that has not been resolved yet.

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> Hi,
> I have installed samba2.2 as a PDC for W2K and everything works fine.
> But we have some WindowsME clients and I am unable to connect to a share
> of the samba server with them.  (just for fileserving)
> I set encrypt password to yes, otherwise W2k won't connect .
> I have tried to set the registry entry in Windows ME (Plainpasswd... )
> to 0 but it doesn't help.
> Is it possible to connect to samba2.2 with WindowsME and how.
> Thanks  for your great work
> Hansjoerg
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