ctrlsoft at ctrlsoft at
Thu Jan 11 09:03:16 GMT 2001

>> I have been reading the samba site and the docs. 
>> works fine here, except I get the message 'Couldn't load
>> your profile' when trying to log in.
>> What is the difference between 'profiles','roaming
>> profiles' and 'roving profiles' and which are supported 
>> samba?
>a profile is a collection of user settings, such as 
>HKCU, desktop icons, foldes, etc...  A roaming (or roving
>profile) is one which is stored centrally on a network
>server for a domain user and downloaded to a desktop 
>client upon logon.
>Samba can be used to store roaming profiles.

I now have got my MySQL authorization add-on working 
perfectly, I only get the message 'Can't load your profile' 
after I am authorized and my logon script is executed. I 
already read the profiles.TXT file, but it's not very clear 
and didn't gave me any solution. 


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