Couldn't find <printer name>

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Jan 11 04:21:15 GMT 2001

"Phillip E. Ganze" wrote:
> 'Couldn't find <printer name>'
> I get this for each printer.  Below is how I 
> have my printing configured in smb.conf
> [global]
>    load printers = yes
>    printcap name = lpstat
>    printing = sysv
> [printers]
>    comment = All Printers
>    path = /var/spool/samba/tmp
>    browseable = no
> # Set public = yes to allow user 'guest account' to print
>    guest ok = no
>    writable = no
>    printable = yes

Hmmm...That string doesn't show up exactly in 
the SAMBA_2_2 source code.  However, I'll take a 
blind guess.  

'load printers' says to create shares from all the printers
in /etc/printcap (since you also have a [printers] defined.
Now you do not have a 'printer name' parameter defined
for the [printers] share so each dynamically created 
share assigns that value of the service to the 'printer name'
parameter for you.  Perhaps you could follow up on this
line of thinking and pinpoint the exact root of the message.

CHeers, jerry

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