Virus scanner for samba file server

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Thu Jan 11 03:20:09 GMT 2001

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well, you can have samba execute your virus scan against files when
read/written to disk.  This is a more advanced feature, but it can be done.

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> > Where I work, we use GNU wget to mirror the appropriate directories
> > from McAfee's FTP server to a local server,
> This sounds like a good idea especially if you have a lot of clients that
> rely on those updates.
> >
> > To move back on topic, we also use those files to update the .dat
> > files on our samba servers - we have no guarantee that all the clients
> > have up-to-date anti-virus software installed (one of the problems of
> > working in a university where much of the IT support is devolved to
> > the departments).
> I can relate to that! I work at a university as well...
> The situation I was referring to though in my original email was with
> respect to a tight lab environment where one can make sure that all the
> clients run the same version of the antivirus program.
> >
> > The only issue is that the Unix-based scanning is not on-access (as it
> > would be on Windows), but instead is a job that has to be scheduled.
> >
> Very true, this is where the antivirus program on the client machines
> useful!
> Cheers,
> Makis.

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