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Jim Morris jim at
Wed Jan 10 22:23:32 GMT 2001

Hello Jeremy,

Wednesday, January 10, 2001, 2:28:31 PM, you wrote:

WJ>         Basically my question is:  When someone changes thier NT doamin
WJ> password (say thru Ctl+Alt+Del on NT), how do I automate it so the smbpasswd
WJ> on the Samba machine is also updated?

Why don't you configure the Samba server(s) to authenticate the users
against the NT domain controller?  I.e. make Samba participate as a
domain member.  This is done by:

1. Create a trust (machine) account on the NT PDC for the Samba
   machine. Do this with the Server Manager application on NT.

2. Run smbpasswd on the Samba server to join the domain.  Ex:

      smbpasswd -j domain -r servername

   where domain is the name of the domain to join, and servername is
   the NETBIOS name of the PDC.

3. Modify smb.conf so that users are authenticated against the NT PDC:

      workgroup = NTDOM
      security = domain
      password server = servername
      encrypt passwords = true

   Where NTDOM is the name of the domain, and servername is the name
   of the NT PDC.

Hope this helps!
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