Office 2000 documents and Samba

Nelson Garcia garcian002 at
Wed Jan 10 21:21:18 GMT 2001

I'm only guessing but, could this be a permissions problem?

I know that MS Office tries to create a temporary working copy of the file
when you open a document.

However, in my setup at home the files open without any problem as <read
only> when a user does not have write permission.  I'm also using 2.0.7.


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Subject: Office 2000 documents and Samba

> Greetings.
> I am have a little problem here.
> I am trying to view MS office documents under Win NT, that are stored on
an NFS drive that is mounted to a samba machine, which shares them to NT.
> This method seems to work fine for all other documents, except office
ones.  When I try to view them  I get an error message that I do not have
the rights to do this operation.
> My smbuser ID numbers are the same as the ID's for the documents owners on
the NFS drive.
> I am using samba 2.0.7
> Any help would be appreciated
> John
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