Samba as a 2000 Server

Tomas Maly malyprogservices at
Tue Jan 9 20:16:06 GMT 2001

What exactly would be needed to implement Samba (head or TNG) to act as
a native NT 5 (2000) Server? I was just wondering what the status of the
work on that, as well as what would need to be implemented (and how to
make sure the 2000 machines know the Samba server is a 2000 server
versus an NT server) to make that work. Not that I think it's gonna
happen, I'm just wondering what would be needed. I know at least that
there is DFS, LDAP, and Kerberos 5 in 2000 versus NT....And I know MS
has add some proprietary code/implementation with Krb5 and LDAP as
well....I was just wondering if it's intended to be implemented, that's

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