NT point and print system

Peter Lai peter.lai at efi.com
Mon Jan 8 19:19:34 GMT 2001

> Hi:
> I am working on a project that uses samba's point and print support for
> NT.  
> I have some questions for you and I hope you can help me :
> I understand that the way pnp for NT works is to upload the driver from NT
> to Linux first, and then
> install it from Linux.  Is there anyway I can just add drivers to Linux
> without uploading from NT?
> I've tried to put the driver files into my print$ path and paste
> ntdrivers.tdb in var/locks and it seems to 
> work, but I have a lot of different products that has upgrade driver files
> on a regular bases, so I thought
> it would be a good idea to know how the tdb works.  Can you tell me which
> function(s) put the driver file
> names in ntdrivers.tdb beside tdb_update and tdb_store?  (I've tried
> tdb_update and tdb_store, but it 
> only put the key value in ntdrivers.tdb, not the data itself.  Somehow
> someway, the driver file names 
> magically appear in the ntdriver.tdb without calling tdb_update again...)
> Thanks a whole lots in advance!  
> -Peter

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