logon scripts for virus updates

JBCurry jbcurry at hline.localhealth.net
Mon Jan 8 14:20:49 GMT 2001

I just slapped one together not long ago for our network.
We're using VirusScan version 4.x

I pick up a new SDAT file from McAfee either monthly or whenever there's a
virus scare, rename it to UPDATE.EXE and place it in the /netlogon
directory.  The following script is part of our logon.bat:

    if not exist c:\progra~1\networ~1\mcafee~1\avconsol.ini goto end
    update.exe /silent /logfile update.log

The first line checks to see if McAfee is installed on the PC, and skips the
SDAT update if it isn't.  The second line runs the SDAT update without
prompting or displaying the progress, but instead writes the results to a
log file.  I have the following cron entry rename the log file each night
(ex. update.Mon, update.Tue, etc...) so that it doesn't grow too large, but
that I can still look over the past week's update results if I need to:
    mv /home/netlogon/update.log /home/netlogon/update.`date +%a`

If a computer has already been updated, it does not hurt to run the same
SDAT again, but you'll see an error in your log file:
    "Product(s) already running latest version of engine and DAT files.
     Update process failed."

Hope this is what you were looking for.

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> Does anyone have a good netlogon script to update mcafee virus
> definitions?
> I am currently using a kixtart32 script, but it isn't very good.  Could
> someone lead me in the right direction?
> Andy

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