Can Samba 2.2 mount an administrative share from a local administrators account?

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Mon Jan 8 10:24:45 GMT 2001

Hi all,

we have a serious problem with a samba 2.2 PDC installation which could
force us to switch over to a W2K-Server  :-((( and therefore I would like
to know wether  we misconfigured something or if this happens due to
general limitations of the PDC-simulation capabilities of samba 2.2:
When we login to the local administrator account of a NT4 Workstation which
is member of a samba 2.2 controlled domain and try to access the
administrative share of another NT4 Workstation in this domain, we
shouldn´t be prompted for a password when the local administrator accounts
passwords are the same on both machines. But we *are* prompted for the
password which makes it impossible for our new "distribute software over
the network automaticaly to all machines" system to do its job.  Using the
domain administrator account instead doesn´t work too.
Is it possible to get this running somehow with an actual or upcoming
(when?) version of samba 2.2???

Thanks in advance!


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