win2K and RH6.2

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Sun Jan 7 10:35:41 GMT 2001

well, you can use "mount",


1) add the drive to /etc/fstab with options username=admin,password=password
	- This is stupid, as _everyone_ with access to your linux box will get to
see the password

2) Create a boot time script or login script only readable to root or the
user which will benefit from it
   with something like mount /mnt/dir
//2000server/dir -ousername=admin,password=password

Since I don't have a Linux box here at this time I haven't tested the
syntax.. check the manpages if needed.


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I have just set up my RH6.2 box to login to my win2K box(pdc) and I can
mount a directory in linux.
But, I have a couplet of question.

Is it possible to have my linux box appear in the network neigbourhood in

Can I mount the windows directory automatically at boot time?
	currently I use the following command
	'smbmount //2000server/dir /mnt/dir -U admin -P passwd'
	then I get prompted for the password again.

Can I mount a linux partion under windows?

I would be grateful for any assistance.



It's crazy enough it just might work.

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