Virus scanner for samba file server

Martin Radford martin at
Sun Jan 7 00:09:06 GMT 2001

> If you mean update virus definitions on the local machine (client), you
> don't need it, since all that is required is to setup the mcafee scheduler
> to do a .dat update every whenever you decide - which is probably a better
> idea anyway since it will happen periodically and not each and every time a
> user logs on!
> If you mean updating the .dat files on the server, you could have a simple
> bash scripts running through cron that connects to the Mcafee FTP site and
> downloads the update file periodically.

Where I work, we use GNU wget to mirror the appropriate directories
from McAfee's FTP server to a local server, and point the clients at
the local copy.  It's much quicker, and it saves us the trans-atlantic
traffic charges. 

To move back on topic, we also use those files to update the .dat
files on our samba servers - we have no guarantee that all the clients
have up-to-date anti-virus software installed (one of the problems of
working in a university where much of the IT support is devolved to
the departments).

The only issue is that the Unix-based scanning is not on-access (as it
would be on Windows), but instead is a job that has to be scheduled.

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