Virus scanner for samba file server

Makis Marmaridis a9700671 at sp4.macarthur.uws.EDU.AU
Sat Jan 6 23:38:30 GMT 2001

Hi Andy,

Since I have been using Mcafee (their version for Unix) and it works like a

In fact, I have done it so that the update (.dat) files for the antivirus
residen in a location that is accessible to both the Mcafee version running
on the server and to all the workstations via a Samba share. I haven't done
too much research about what other alternatives are around but I have found
that Mcafee works without any problems for us so I would recommend it.

Also, to answer your previous email about netlogon scripts and mcafee

If you mean update virus definitions on the local machine (client), you
don't need it, since all that is required is to setup the mcafee scheduler
to do a .dat update every whenever you decide - which is probably a better
idea anyway since it will happen periodically and not each and every time a
user logs on!

If you mean updating the .dat files on the server, you could have a simple
bash scripts running through cron that connects to the Mcafee FTP site and
downloads the update file periodically.


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> Does anyone have any suggestions for a virus scanner for a samba file
> server?  I know there is antivir - but are there any others?
> Andy

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