win2k and samba PDC stuff -- bugs?

Patrick slu at
Sat Jan 6 08:07:13 GMT 2001

Hi all,

    With the success of getting a win2k sp1 machine to join a samba 2.2
PDC I decided to try and build a rpm of samba so I could distribute it
to my other servers with ease.  I immediately ran into problems as soon
as I got the custom rpm installed and configured for my PDC machine.
When I first tried to join the machine to the domain I got a message of
"the credential supplied conflict with a existing set of credentials"
which it happened that the workgroup name I was using was the same as
the domain I was trying to join.  So I changed the workgroup name
rebooted and tried again, which did solve the credentials problem.

The next time I got a message of "The following error occurred
attempting to join the domain 'MY_DOM': The procedure number is out of
range".  I recompiled the rpms several times and each time changing the
configure options until I had the same options the first time I got it
to work.  Needless to say after several hours I could not get that
message to go away.

I then decided to look over the smb.conf file, which this is where I
struck pay dirt.  When I first started I had included the option "unix
password sync = yes" so I could sync my unix passwords with my smb
passwords.  Well when I disabled that option I was able to join the
domain just like before, without the procedure out of range message.

So apparently if you include the "unix password sync = yes" then you
will receive the procedure out of range message when trying to join the
machine to the domain.

If anyone is interested I have samba 2.2 "1/3/2001 cvs" version rpms and
the source rpm on my home machines. They are compiled against redhat
7.0.  Here is the location < >


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