Win2K domain member can't share resources

Armand Welsh armand at
Fri Jan 5 21:38:37 GMT 2001

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Ok, here is one for you all.  I have win2k, and the latest HEAD cvs of
samba.  I had joined the domain just fine, did so way back... I can log ino
the domain, I can browse the shares on my samba pdc, and a winMe client, but
the winMe client can't browse my shares.  In fact, the only way to access my
shares on my win2K box, is to force authentication against my win2K
machines, using a win2K local account.

What's up with this.  I tried enabling the guest account, so that the trusts
shouldn't come into play, but it's still trying not browsing.  I suspect
it's because the trusts are done yet in the samba pdc code.  Is this

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