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Nt running a proxy server for what service?

My guess is you mean a HTTPD proxy. This means you DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE
you only have access to one protocol (maybe two or three if it supports say
FTP etc)

A better way around to do it would be have the Linux box run ipchains and
have the
NT box go out via that. This would give you full access. (this is what I do
.. acts as firewall)

As to what you want to do with your current setup:

	- Do you want to run a browser on the Linux box that uses the NT box
to 'get to' the

		In this case just set the linux proxy values to point at the
NT proxy

	- Do you want to run another proxy (httpd) on Linux?

		In this case configure httpd to point at the NT proxy.

	If you want to do much else:

		- Direct e-mail (ie not using MS-exchange)
		- samba
		- NFS
		- ping
		- telnet

	You can't do it, unless you run a proxy for that protocol on the NT

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> I have a Nt server running proxy server and need to setup 
> redhat to use =
> the internet through the NT proxy server, I know samba doesnt 
> do it, but =
> what will?  I havent found a resource to do it yet...anyone run into =
> this problem and have a resolution?

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