Win2K and Samba

Eric P. McCoy emccoy at
Thu Jan 4 10:57:44 GMT 2001

...and continuing my previous email message (curse Eudora mapping Ctrl+E to 
"send" instead of "end of line!"), all nmbd dumps to the log are messages 
about (in order):

   workgroup search on subnet found
   workgroup search on subnet found
   announce_myself_to_domain_master: t (978605063) - last(978604993) < 900
   dump workgroup on subnet
     GRPKP(1) current master browser = LACHESIS
       LACHESIS 400c9b0b (
   dump workgroup on subnet [same as above]
   dump workgroup on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET
     GRPKP(1) current master browser = UNKNOWN [otherwise same]
   workgroup search on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET: found
   workgroup search on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET: found

This is repeated every ten seconds.  The last() number is always the same, 
the t() number increments by ten each time.

I _am_ running Win2K Server SP1, which, I understand, may or may not be a 
problem.  But I'm not getting an error message like anyone else has 
reported.  I can browse the GRPKP "domain" and even connect to shares on 
the Samba server (by manually entering a valid username) just fine.  Via 
"NET USE" I can specify a domain with the usernames just fine.

This is driving me crazy.  I'd like to point out that the "Configure Your 
Server" program refused to let me set the Win2K box up as a standalone 
server, claiming that there was at least one other domain controller on the 
network.  (The firewall doesn't pass SMB traffic, and the Linux box is the 
only other computer on the same side of the firewall.)

Please help!

Eric P. McCoy <emccoy at>

"Jamaican?  I thought you were some sort of outer-space potato man!"

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