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from the linux prompt, if you have the kernel compiled to support smbmount
(most are) then use:

# mount //computer/share /mountpoint -t smbfs -o username=me -o
password=mypassword -o workgroup=NTdomain

me = your windows username
mypassword = your windows password
NTdomain = the domain is the domain to login to, or use the name of the
windows machine, if you are using a local windows account on the machine.
i.e., to login to an NT workstation named nelson, as the administrator, with
a password of pass, and mount the C$ hidden share to the /net directory on
your linux box the command would be:

# mount //nelson/c$ /net -t smbfs -o username=administrator -o
password=pass -o workgroup=nelson

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> Hi,
> I am trying to mount a windows share with smbmount (it works
> bascially) but I would like to specify the password on the command line
> (like I can do with smbclient) and not to have to enter it manually. I
> need this to mount Windows shares in order to back them up (I am aware of
> the drawbacks involved).
> Can anybody point out to me how to do this ? Do I have to update my
> mount/smbmount commands (where from) ?
> I saw that samba 2.0.7 comes with smbmnt/smbmount, but they seem to be the
> same as with 2.0.5 (what I currently use).
> Thanks for your help,
> Schlomo
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