win2k joining samba 2.2 controlled domain

Patrick slu at
Thu Jan 4 00:47:34 GMT 2001

    I would like to share my success of joining a win2k sp1 machine to a
samba 2.2 controlled domain

I grabbed today's CVS of samba 2.2 and have successfully joined a win2k
machine with sp1 to the domain.  I tried a Even number of characters for
the domain name "TEST".  I followed the PDC how-to to the tee. and when
I joined the machine to the domain I got the message "Welcome to the
TEST domain" and I then rebooted the machine.  When I tried to login
using the test account I created on the domain I received the following

"The system cannot log you onto this domain because the system's
computer account in its primary domain is missing
or the password on that account is incorrect."

I then checked to see if the add user script had created the machine
account like it should have, and sure enough it was there.  So  I then
deiced to try an odd number of characters for the domain and I still
received the same message.  So I then decided to delete any reference to
the machine account in the password files, and then create the account
manually. I then also changed the domain name back to "TEST" and joined
the machine again.  This time upon reboot I was able to logon to the
TEST domain without a problem, it all works beautifully.

I would like to thank all of the people who have helped create samba,
because it is a great piece of work!


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