[newbie Q: why need to readd machine to smbpasswd when rejoining domain?]

Joe Olt joeoltusa at netscape.net
Wed Jan 3 18:50:13 GMT 2001

I don't think you can avoid it.  The machine password gets changed every so
often for security.  The SID remains the same.  Once trust relationships work,
you shouldn't have to change domains.

Maciej Kalisiak <mac at dgp.toronto.edu> wrote:
>I've noticed that I must delete and then re-add a Win* machine to
>private/smbpasswd any time I leave a given domain and then rejoin it.  I
>this has something to do with the regeneration of the SID, but I would like
>know why this is (and perhaps a way to avoid having to do this).

>I'm using 2.2 from cvs, last synched somewhere in the middle of December.

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