[OT] UNIX admin looking for intros (URLs?) on Windows admin topics

Maciej Kalisiak mac at dgp.toronto.edu
Wed Jan 3 18:13:58 GMT 2001

I've "inherited" the maintenance of a very broken SAMBA server, and being
almost exclusively a UNIX guy, this has sort of left me with a lot of
questions.  As I see it, the first step is to get up to date on all this
lingo, so I was wondering if there are any resources online I could go to
that would ease me into the world of Windows administration (well, at least
from a SAMBA point of view).  What I'm looking for is something that would
explain what constitutes a share (I can guess, but want something more
concrete), a policy, a SID, funky paths I keep running across like
"foo\\bar\baz", Windows domains, etc, as well as how these things work

Maciej Kalisiak		mac at dgp.toronto.edu	www.dgp.toronto.edu/~mac

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