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Wed Jan 3 17:10:03 GMT 2001

Ami -

I have experienced this once on my network, and I am aware of at least eight
other users that have experienced it, ranging from "occasionally" to "all
the time":

  Users report sporadic "Domain password not correct or access to domain
  server has been denied" messages at logon.  This problem may or may not
  go away after xx minutes.  This problem may go away after repeated
  attempts at logging on.  This problem happens for both Win9x and WinNTWS
  users.  For some sites, this problem always goes away immediately after
  changing ANY user password in smbpasswd.  When the problem is occurring,
  other services on the server (such as file access and printing for users
  already logged on) seem to be fine.

My current "guess" is that domain logons on Samba are exceptionally
sensitive to network communication problems, which can hang up the process
that authenticates users against smbpasswd.  It seems to eventually clear
itself.  In my case, I found that simply editing the smbpasswd file made the
problem go away immediately.  I had at least one other user confirm that
this also worked for him.  The users experiencing this problem frequently
admitted to having possible network communication problems.  If I were you,
I'd try to rule out network communication problems first.

I have not seen anyone offer an explanation or solution to this problem
since my first posting back in November.  Gerald Carter and Richard Sharpe
had both offered to help diagnose the problem, but I have been unable to get
it to repeat on our network.  I don't know if anybody else experiencing the
problems followed up with them, but I haven't seen anything on this list

Good luck!  If you find out why it's happening, I'd be interested in hearing
about it.

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> Hi...
> I've successfully configured samba 2.0.6 (RH6.2) as a PDC.
> All my users (Win9X) can log into the server.
> But there is one problem... sometimes we must enter at least 3 times the
> password b4 the server authenticated it.
> 1st & 2nd time the error is password not correct.... Even we key in the
> correct password. For the 3rd time normally ok...
> Anybody have the same problem...
> Please advise
> TQ in advance.

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