Samba 2.2 CVS 02 Jan 2001

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Jan 2 07:37:43 GMT 2001

At 05:04 PM 1/2/01 +1000, Marshall, Joshua wrote:
>I have just checked out the SAMBA_2_2 branch and found that to run the
>configure script I had to remove the space between the #! and the
>/bin/sh (RH6.2)

Hmmm, I am on RH7.0 (Damn Red Hat for a sloppy release!) and used RH6.2
before now, and have never had to do that. A quick look at my configure
script, albeit from the head and Samba 2.2 branches shows a space afer #!. 

>After managing to get the configure script working, I am unable to make.
>I get the following:
>[marshallj at ussmbox source]$ make
>Makefile:101: *** missing separator.  Stop.

Hmmm, looks like missing tabs ... Are you sure you did not run some of the
files through an editor that replaces tabs with spaces? Very old versions
of Ludwig used to do that and played merry hell with Makefiles.

>Can anyone point me in the right direction?

You are from Union Signal and Switch and you can't find your way :-) ?

>Josh Marshall

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