Thoughts on problems with W2K joining ...

Alexander Lobodzinski lobo at
Mon Jan 1 23:29:30 GMT 2001


() With so many people having problems joining a W2K to samba 2.2 domain
() recently, I feel a bit mean that that mine works. So I thought I'd try and
() get it to stop working. Here is how I managed to get some of the error
() messages that other people are experiencing...
() [Message D]
() "No mapping between account names and security ID was done."

in your recipe how to deliberately provoke various error messages the
last one [D] was not listed.  So what did you do to get it?

I'm asking because this is what I always get with the CVS snapshot of
one hour ago (the domain name is odd-numbered just to be sure).

    Ciao, Lobo

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