logon from a w2k on a samba 2.2.2 PDC

Luis lmo2000 at terra.es
Tue Dec 25 04:29:02 GMT 2001

Hi again....

I've been looking and the registry key RequireSignOrSeal appears to be OK, the value is 0.

But the problem is still there.

I've been using the log level 10.... in my log.nmbd I can read that when the W2K tries to logon
samba answers to it that the PDC does not find any valid account for DYLAN....

I have tried to re-register the workstation in many ways and it still don't work....

I don't know where more look.... The global part of my smb.conf is exactly the same of the Samba-PDC-HowTo, now
and it don't allow W2k to logon....

AAAAAAHHGGGGGG!!!!!! I'm going crazy..... Where can I look now????
Luis <lmo2000 at terra.es>

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