Windows XP Pro

Alex aoclarit at
Fri Dec 21 11:12:12 GMT 2001

had the same prob and it told me that It couldn't find the domain in wins
(which it shouldn't have needed to cause PDC and client are in the same
So I enabled my samba-PDC's wins-server and pointed the XP-box to it -
problem solved although weird cause this shouldn't have been necessary at
but you know whatever works - don't question windows...

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Subject: Windows XP Pro

> I'm trying to get a XP Pro computer to join my Samba 2.2.2 controlled
> domain. I get an error something can't find the network? With this exact
> configuration I can add Win2K computers no problem. I have the add user
> script in my smb.conf file and I have also tried manually adding the
> computer to /etc/passwd using useradd. Is there something I'm missing
> for XP? Thanks.

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