Windows 2000 on Samba PDC

David Highley dhighley at
Fri Dec 21 08:12:15 GMT 2001

"Filipi D. Vianna wrote:"
> Curtis wrote:
> > 
> >           >But when I'm trying to change from workgroup
> >           >to domain, the system asks me for one username
> >           >and password.
> > 
> >           Use root username and password for samba
> > 
> >           which means root will have had to have been added
> >           to the SAMBA users.
> I did that...
> But I still not joining the domain.
> Is there anything else I should change?

If I remember right you are using Samba as the PDC. On the system that
is the Samba PDC do you have the following line in the smb.conf file:
    password server = *

If you do, you ran into the same problem I did in setting up the PDC.
The documentation led me to believe that you can put this line in all
smb.conf files. If you do the system that is the PDC will not find its
self for logon authentication. Remove the line from smb.conf file on the
PDC system.

> Thanks again,
> Filipi Vianna



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